TAG-Recruit Services

1- Full Recruitment Services:

TAG-Recruit utilizes advanced methodologies to ensure a selection of perfect candidates to fill potential vacancies.

We offer a unique combination of strategies to find the appropriate candidate for the targeted available position.

The following is the methodology of the recruitment process:
- Screen all potential candidates
- Match appropriate candidates with available vacancies
- Examine candidates
- Conduct interviews
- Shortlist qualified candidates
- Evaluate candidates

In addition, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Recruitment contributes to preparation of employment contracts and development of job descriptions.

2- Headhunting:

The Arab world is experiencing a fierce competition for recruiting highly qualified staff to fill job positions that open in a growing business environment.

Many companies are facing challenges in locating and attracting this specific caliber of candidates. To address this challenge, TAG-Recruit offers the headhunting service where it targets high-level executives who are difficult to reach. The headhunting process we follow is simple yet effective. TAG-Recruit’s headhunting service is tailored exactly to the client’s requirements. The process involves:

• Information Gathering: Defining the recruitment brief, organization culture and business drivers.
• Research: Identifying companies in the same sector, and identifying and profiling the best candidates according to the criteria and mandate of the client.
• Targeting the most suitable candidates: Short-listing the candidates and companies to enable clients to select the best candidate for their businesses within the available pool of talent.