‘Association of Retired Servicemen and Veterans’ Discusses with ‘Abu-Ghazaleh Global’ its Consulting and Legal Services

  • Date: 22 May 2022

AMMAN - President of the Economic Social Association of Retired Servicemen and Veterans, retired Maj. General Dr. Ismail Al-Shoubaki, received in his office a group of consultants representing Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global).

The attendees discussed the consulting and legal services the Association needs in different areas of work, as part of its mission to develop services offered to military retirees, and to meet the requirements of this segment of citizens.

Dr. Al-Shoubaki affirmed the importance of cooperating with all institutions, expressing pride in collaborating with TAG.Global which plays a pivotal role in community development and technology localization.

In the meantime, TAG.Global’s representatives praised the distinguished relationship with the Association, affirming the Organization’s readiness to contribute to the development the Association seeks to achieve.

Attending the meeting from the Association were Dr. Mustafa Al Amawi, legal adviser, Dr. Abdullah Al-Amoush, economic adviser, Dr. Bassam Al-Muhayrat, managing director, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Shanaq, chief financial officer.

The delegation of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global included Mr. Berj Vartenian, executive director of consulting, Ms. Hayja'a Abu-Hayja'a, manager of Legal Consultancy, and Mr. Ibrahim Abu Naffa Administrative Consulting Expert, ,  In addition to Mr. Firas H. Khraim quality systems senior consultant., and Legal Consultant, Ms. Reem AL-Refaie.

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